Why I’m just not that bothered about Boris or Jezza…

I’m not really sure why I’m about to do this. Perhaps it’s just because I’ve not argued with anybody on Twitter for a bit. Perhaps I am just mardy for the sake of it. Perhaps I’m just fed up of hearing it 24/7. Whatever the reason, I’ve got what might be a potential hand grenade for some of you. So, here goes…

Whatever happens on 12th December, the Uk will remain pretty much the same. Whichever side wins, barely owt’ll change.

Now I don’t usually say much in public about politics (apart from the fact that I had my milk stolen as a kid!), and I certainly never declare my voting intentions (secret ballot, innit). So this might seem like a bit of a departure.

And, anyway, surely that’s just demonstrably wrong, isn’t it? Depending which side wins we could be in or out of Europe, Scotland (and in time Wales) could be in or out of the Uk, Ireland could be wracked by civil strife/war again, the apocalypse of public spending or funding (depending on your viewpoint) will be upon us, not to mention the apocalypse of…well, you know, everything else that people are doing their nut about pretty much constantly at the minute.

But all of that’s to miss my point. I’m not making a political point at all. If you want to know what I think, ask me privately. You won’t be surprised to know I have strong opinions, which might not always be what you expect. But that’s not really what I’m on about. It might be true that financially, economically, whatevercally, lots might be different. But the important stuff that really, truly, matters, will be exactly, 100%, the same…

We will be called to respect, honour, and pray for our leaders that God has appointed over us. We will be called to make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey everything that Jesus commanded. We will be called to love, serve, encourage, and build one another up.

Crucially, over 99% of the people in my town (and probably yours too) will still be running, laughing and cheering, to hell.

And, over it all, Jesus will still be on the throne…

This is not just mardy, miserable, Yorkshire withdrawing from politics and saying we shouldn’t be bothered with it. It’s not me criticising anyone for being passionate about stuff. It’s not even me having a pity party because the political party I’ve most often gravitated towards doesn’t really exist anymore.

How many of these people know and love Jesus…and will spend eternity with him?

It’s just me saying that, if we do actually, really, believe that Jesus is Lord, then let’s just take the apocalypse level down a step or four hundred. Let’s stop moaning about the crisis of morals in a pagan nation. Let’s stop crying because pagan politicians don’t want to give us preferential treatment. Why would we expect any different?! In fact, let’s just stop with the end of the world nonsense.

Because, most likely the world won’t end on 13th December. And certainly not because of the election result. And anyway, the end of the world is going to be awesome (yes, even in the old school sense!). Because the only thing that will end the world is Jesus returning to finally destroy evil for ever, bring his people to himself, and remake his world without sin, shame, or tears for ever.

And eternally, it won’t really matter whether we’re in or out of Europe, the Uk, big business, or even our beloved NHS. The only thing that will matter is whether we’re in or out of Jesus. If all Jesus’ people made as much fuss about that fact, and even about him, as many seem to be doing about Boris & Jezza, then perhaps people might even get the impression that trusting Jesus makes a difference to who we are, how we live, and what we value.

So, just maybe, let’s just take a couple of chill pills on the electoral apocalypse. Jesus reigns, not the Prime Minister. And let’s concentrate on being excited about the real apocalypse that means eternity with Jesus. And on telling people that, outside of Christ, hell isn’t owt much to do with who’s in Number 10, but a horrific eternity under the just condemnation of a holy God.

I mean, if we did that people might even get the impression we’re more excited about Jesus than free broadband, or tax cuts, right?! That’d be good, wouldn’t it?! It’d certainly mean I shouted at my phone and computer a lot less. And I’d quite like that…

Help a brother out, eh….